Delivery & Charges Effective from September 2022

Delivery options available include post, carrier, and our own transport.

Delivery Charges for delivery by LS vehicle effective September 2022 by Postcode

All prices quoted are excluding VAT.

Area 1
Local L40_1,   PR4_4-6,   PR9_8,   PR26_6-9
All orders, delivery charge is £15.
Use of the LS forklift will incur an additional charge of £25.

Area 2
BB,   BL,   FY,   L (exc. Local),   M,   PR (exc. Local),   WA,   WN
All orders, delivery charge is £22.50.
Use of the LS forklift will incur an additional charge of £25.

Area 3
BD,   CH,   CW,   HD,   HX,   LA,   OL,   SK
All orders
, delivery charge is £30.
Use of the LS forklift will incur an additional charge of £25.

Area 4
CA,   DE,   LL11-19,22,24-34,48-78,   ST,   SY1-16,21,22,   TF
All orders, delivery charge is £30.
Use of the LS forklift will incur an additional charge of £25.

Unfortunately, due to the increases in consumerables we have been forced to increase our delivery charges.

Area 5 Rest of UK
Independent carrier's rates will be applied. Delivery will be by courier. Heavy loads will be unloaded by customer's forklift or courier tail lift and pallet truck if customer does not have a forklift.

Next day service, timed delivery and/or booking in will incur additional cost.
Please note, deliveries into Clean Air Zones may incur additional charges.
Small deliveries which are completion of larger orders will not be charged. 

Scheduled LS Delivery Days
(These are the usual days we deliver to these postcodes)
Monday                      CA, LA
Tuesday                      CW, DE, SK9-11,17, ST, SY1-16,21,22, TF, WA1-5,9-16
Wednesday                CH, L (exc. Local), LL11-19,22,24-34,48-78, WA6-8, WN
Thursday                     BD1-22, BL, HD, HX, M, OL, SK1-8,12-16,22,23
Friday                          BB, BD23,24, FY, PR (exc. Local)

Local                     L40_1, PR4_4-6, PR9_8, PR26_6-9

Delivery & Returns

a) Time is not of the essence for delivery, and any delivery dates are estimates only.
b) Any goods dispatched in error shall be returned in good condition to the Company by the Customer at which time the Company shall credit the Customer in full.
c) The Customer shall advise the Company of any non-delivery of whole or part of the consignment or damage to goods sent within 3 days of the date of delivery.
d) If the Customer does not return the Goods within seven days they shall have been deemed to have accepted the Goods. Where any Goods are returned to the Company in accordance with the time limit specified in this clause 'd', the Goods returned must be accompanied by a note to explain the reason for return for consideration by the Company.
e) All deliveries shall be made to the address specified at the time of order. If for any reason the Customer fails to accept the Goods at the address or date specified by the Company then the Company reserves the right to (i) store the Goods, at the Customer’s sole expense, until such time that the Goods are either collected or delivered or (ii) (at the Company’s sole discretion) dispose of the Goods.
f ) The return of correctly dispatched Goods of saleable quality shall be subjected to a 10% restocking charge plus any delivery charges. The minimum restocking charge is £10.00 plus any delivery charges.
g) Orders for non-stocked, special or custom-built assemblies cannot be terminated by the Customer once the order has been accepted by the Company.
h) Subject to the provision of clause 6, the Customer shall not be entitled to terminate the Contract or reject the Goods by reason of any minor defects on quality, number, size, colour or finish of the Goods.
i) Where deliveries are by instalments, any defects found in one instalment delivered shall not entitle the Customer to reject future instalments.
j) Where part deliveries are agreed with the Customer, additional delivery charges will be made by the Company for all additional deliveries.