Strict regulations govern the sale and use of pesticides in the UK.

Pesticides, also known as 'plant protection products' (PPP) are used to control pests, weeds and diseases. Examples include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, molluscicides, and plant growth regulators.

If used correctly, authorised pesticides should not pose a risk to the health of people.

By law, all users of professional pesticides must be adequately trained  and must follow the product label.

Anyone using a professional PPP must either have a recognised specified certificate (previously known as a 'Certificate of Competence') included in the recognise certificates link below, or be working under the direct supervision, for the purposes of training, of someone who has such a certificate.

Recognised Certificates

If using professional pesticides, you can check use by dates and approved crops at:
Professional Pesticides Search

If you use pesticides in your garden, allotment, or on houseplants you are legally responsible for using them correctly and effectively. You must keep your garden and allotment safe for people, pets and wildlife. Pesticides suitable for use in the garden can be found at:
Garden Pesticide Search
If the product is not on this list it is not legal to use without a certificate (See above).

Further guidance can be found at HSE Pesticides Website