Compression fittings make connections between pipes without the need for soldering, so are perfect for jobs where a naked flame would be a hazard. They work by compressing an ‘olive’ or metal ring tightly onto a pipe – this then slots into the tapered end of the compression fitting. Once the nut on the fitting is tightened, this forms a watertight connection.
Code: P-ALP16-F Availability: 410
Code: P-ALP16COU Availability: 188
Code: P-ALP16CAP Availability: 203
Code: P-ALP16CRE Availability: 131
Code: P-ALP16TEE-M Availability: 158
Code: P-ALP16ELB-F Availability: 238
Code: P-ALP16ELB Availability: 175
Code: P-ALP16TRE Availability: 94
Code: P-ALP16ELB-M Availability: 259
Code: P-ALP16RCO Availability: 18
Code: P-ALP16-M Availability: 399
Code: P-ALP16FLA Availability: Buy in advance