Excellent resistance to mechanical pull: Prevents accidental disconnection by people or machinery

Flexible raw material: Allows lining and coiling of seasonal drip lines without breakage

> U.V protected or extended period in harsh conditions
> Special barb design for easy assembly
> Extra sharp barb for anchoring the pipe, no need to use clamps
Code: P-BAREM Availability: 66
Code: P-BARE Availability: 268
Code: P-BARHM Availability: 382
Code: P-BARHF Availability: 26
Code: P-BARJ Availability: 347
Code: P-BARJR Availability: 533
Code: P-BARP Availability: 201
Code: P-BARTRI Availability: 377
Code: P-BART Availability: 225
Code: P-BARTRM Availability: 378
Code: P-BARY2 Availability: 22
Code: P-BARY3 Availability: 24