Metric PVC

The majority of our VDL fittings are designed for a maximum service life of 50 years with a pressure rating of PN16 (16 Bar at 20°C). For gluing we recommend that cleaning fluid is applied beforehand
Code: P-VD394 Availability: 55
Code: P-VD392 Availability: 99
Code: P-VD130 Availability: 43
Code: P-VD326 Availability: 236
Code: P-VD335 Availability: 383
Code: P-VD335R Availability: 89
Code: P-VD315 Availability: 1,007
Code: P-VD310 Availability: 325
Code: P-VD305 Availability: 465
Code: P-VD105 Availability: 180
Code: P-VD115 Availability: 179
Code: P-VD225 Availability: 429