Greenhouse Sprinklers

Complete range of micro-sprinklers and micro-jets


Irrigation in orchards, vegetables and gardens
Irrigation in greenhouses and shade houses
Cooling of poultry and livestock
The inverted micro-sprinkler with optional LPD (leakage prevention device) is used for intensive full irrigation or as a pulsating system for the direct cooling of plants. The LPD allows the immediate opening of the whole section at the same time and the pipes remain full of water between two operations. The surface level is free for cultivation and all other internal activities.


Broad range of wetted diameters and flow rates
Full- and part-circle patterns
Small, medium or large droplets produced by
different sprayers, swivels or anti-mist devices
Code: P-DANBAYBLA Availability: 1,489
Code: P-DANBLA Availability: 1,174
Code: P-DANDRO Availability: 664
Code: P-DANDRO-ACC Availability: 176
Code: P-DANUDG Availability: 475
Code: P-DANSBS Availability: 136
Code: P-DANBASE Availability: 1,263
Code: P-DANBAYSLPD Availability: 538
Code: P-DANAM Availability: 232
Code: DANBRI Availability: 82
Code: P-DANLPD Availability: 526
Code: DANLPDF Availability: 600