ELKA Working Xtreme is a series of high quality technical products, crafted for professionals in a classic and timeless fit and design. With the product wide assortment, it is always possible to find garments to keep you warm, as well as to protect against blistering wind and persistent rain. The Scandinavian designed waterproof workwear is functional and durable and compares to regular workwear you can use all day long.
Code: CLOE030300 Availability: 147
Code: P-CLOE088002057 Availability: 13
Code: P-CLOEWXAT Availability: 5
Code: P-CLOEWXAB Availability: 2
Code: P-CLOEWXAJ Availability: 21
Code: P-CLOE086103 Availability: 12
Code: P-CLOE082404018 Availability: 10
Code: P-CLOE089904018 Availability: 8
Code: P-CLOE086004018 Availability: 9
Code: P-CLOE182400 Availability: 1
Code: P-CLOE186000 Availability: 5
Code: P-CLOE186100R Availability: 3