If a product is marked 'Currently out of stock but available for back order', how long will I have to wait for my order?

Most products are restockable in a couple of days. Feel free to call us on 01772 812 484 to check on a specific product.

Can I get these prices in store?

All prices stated online are for online purchases only. Prices in branch may vary.

Do your prices include VAT?

All prices are stated ex VAT as standard but if you use the VAT toggle to the right of the search bar you can change the website to show prices including VAT.

Can I have a VAT receipt?

We can provide a VAT receipt at your request. Please contact us.

Is this everything you offer?

No. If you can't find a product please contact our sales team by email or phone on 01772 812 484 to find out more.

What does Weight (Volumetric) mean?

This is used to determine what carrier the product will fit on. Call us on 01772 812 484 to find out more.

Can I get my order sent to a different address?

You can set as many addresses as you want in the 'View Account' section or just click on 'ADD NEW' in Step2: Delivery Address in the checkout section.

What if I have a question?

If it is technical or relating to planning a project, contact our sales team on 01772 812 484 or by email at sales@lssystems.co.uk.
If it is web related, contact our Technical Co-ordinator on 01772 817 919 or by email at WebSupport.