Wellington Boots - Safety

SB: Toe protection tested with 200J impact and 15kN compreesion force. Fuel Oil resistant outsole.
A: Antistatic Electrical resistance between 100kO and 100MO
P: Penetration resistant outsole of 1100 Newtons
E: Heel energy absorption 20 Joules
HRO: Heat Resistant to 300°C for 60 seconds
SRA: tested on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution
SRC: tested under both the above conditions
WRU: Water resistant leather uppers
CI: Cold Insulation Certified (CI) to -17°C (±2°C)
ESD: Electrostatic discharge

Short code combinations:
S1: SB + A + E + Closed seat region
S2: As S1 + WRU
S3 As S2 + P + Cleated outsole
S5: As S3 except uppers are in rubber or all polymeric material
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