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Surefoot De-Icer

Based on powerful de-icing technology developed for the aviation industry, OMEX’s Surefoot de-icer is a high performance liquid solution.

Omex Distributor Bulletin October 2023

Boosting Autumn Ornamentals Providing quality nutrition to promote plant health

Omex Distributor Bulletin September 2023

Natural Plant Defence How growers can promote plant health and IPM systems

Omex Distributor Bulletin August 2023

Poinsettia Season Begins The yearly arrival of one of the UK’s key ornamental crops. Poinsettias are a major seasonal crop for many growers and, as with any successful crop, establishment is vital.

Omex Distributor Bulletin March 2023

Early Balanced Nutrition Early balanced foliar nutrition is key for bedding and hardy ornamental nursery stock coming out of Winter and into Spring.

Omex Distributor Bulletin February 2023

Early Season Considerations

Omex Distributor Bulletin January 2023

Building On Strong Foundations

Pristine: The Next Generation Of Trays

Trays without dye addtitives.

Omex Distributer Bulletin November 2022

Plant Health Pick Me Up

Omex Distributer Bulletin October 2022

Nutrition Boost For Autumn Ornamentals

Omex Distributer Bulletin August 2022

Check out how to deal with the dry weather.
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